Our Mission

The mission of PrionOne is to present professional publications written by elite scientists to reflect the knowledge on Prions in Humans and Animals

- ISBN 978-3-11-016361-2
- ISBN 10-3-11-018275-0

Rezensionen: Prionen und Prionkrankheiten
- ISBN 3-11-016361-6

Table of Contents
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1.  ...to reflect the current knowledge on prions by
presenting an extremely complex field in a language understandable to all.
 2. ...to remain the international reference
publication on surveillance and control of prion
diseases such as BSE, CJD, new vCJD, Kuru and more.
3. ...to connect theory and practice of effective
disease containment, and prevention.
4. ... to lead to innovative research ideas and 
further interdisciplinary cooperation between
researchers in Animal Health & Public Health
- as stimulated by William J. Hadlow in 1959.